Wales’ Creative Industries gather
in Cardiff for Chinese Visual
Communications Conference




The 4th Wales China Creative Industries Forum took place on 11th January 2013 in Cardiff.
Over 50 participants from across Wales registered for the event, which was developed by
Cardiff Confucius Institute and the Cardiff Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries to
provide an opportunity to meet with industry experts from China.

The first Wales China Creative Industries forum was held in November 2009 and the second
in 2010, highlighting the opportunities for cultural and knowledge exchange between the two
countries, specifically surrounding future media content and culture. The third forum event in
2011 explored the research behind a new publication entitled Chinese Cultural
and Creative Industries Development Report (2011), the first comprehensive book on
Chinese creative industries written in English, presented by the authors from
Peking University, Queensland University and London Metropolitan University.

This fourth Wales China Creative Industries forum developed in collaboration with the
International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) explored business opportunities for
designers and media professionals in China.

Presenters on the day included Prof Peter Robertson of the Cardiff Centre for Creative and
Cultural Industries, Mr Marco Forgione, IVCA’s Chief Executive, Mr Xinhua Zhou, Chairman
and Ming Luo, Vice President of Huakai Creative; Mr Zheng Wen Jun, Director of the
Chinese Creative Industry Award and UK-based Jonathan Brigden, Managing Director of